Types of Frameless Glass Wall Installation

What is frameless glass wall construction? Frameless, or frameless glass wall constructions are structures that consist of several pieces of glass-reinforced plastic laminated together under high pressure and heat, usually on site in a factory. What makes them more sturdy and robust? Frameless glass walls generally are built with strong, durable glass, a durable and quality material with stable structural integrity.

Versatility: A frameless glass wall unit is constructed to fit a wide variety of purposes, providing versatility for installation possibilities. In addition, multiple glass partitions may be notched together to form nearly any desired wall configuration. These units are manufactured with precision and quality standards to achieve the highest possible safety ratings. Common applications include outdoor living spaces, outdoor office spaces, dining spaces, patios, decks, windows, and showers, to name a few.

Strength: It's common to see office glass wall system constructed with tempered safety glass and other measures to provide additional strength. This glass is often installed by hand to guarantee its strength and durability. This type of installation method also provides an edge in safety for the home or business owner who may encounter an unexpected visitor or occupant. These units are able to withstand impact and are not likely to break when a person tries to kick it. However, if someone were to slam their head against the side of a partition, the frame or the glass might shatter, but it would be relatively easy to prevent this from happening with a well made partition.

Slider Installation: One advantage to frameless sliding doors system with a sloped surface is the use of an integrated slider. With this type of installation, the sloped surface can be lined up with the interlocking frames on either side. The integrated slider makes it possible to lock the glass paneling in place once the space is framed. The benefit to this design is that it does not require a frame, and the interior wall is left smooth so that cleaning is easy. Many of these products are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Center Pivot: Some of the most attractive frameless glass walls with sliding panels are those that incorporate a center pivot. These are typically found in shower and bath spaces. A single track sliding door allows the door to pivot open as the space changes. For shower and bath spaces where weight is an issue, there are many options including tensioned seats, heavy duty doors, and even doors with safety locks. With center pivoting, the partition does not swing open, but remains stationary in one position while the sliding door opens and closes.

In addition to frameless glass wall installation, there are other types of partitions that can be incorporated into many spaces. Many people choose to include partition walls to create storage or work spaces. In the home, glass walls can also provide privacy while providing light and making the entry easier than many other options. Other options for partitioned areas include: Check out this post that has expounded on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass.

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